Our Story

Trusted IT solutions since 2008, we have been in business for more than a decade. Cronus is the first and only privately held internet service company based out of Detroit Michigan. We employ local Detroit residents and attempt to work with as many local vendors and partners as we can.

Cronus is a leading Internet Service Provider, delivering affordable, high quality, low-latency and reliable Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services to businesses in the Detroit market. Unlike other Internet service providers, we own our entire network and completely bypass the local exchange carrier and cable providers to deliver a great solution to businesses that either compliments or replaces existing Internet connections.

Cronus leverages its award winning fixed wireless network to offer property managers, building owners and their commercial tenants a redundant and reliable dense urban network that directly connects to Cronus's fiber backbone. Cronus On-Net Service provides businesses within our always expanding portfolio of On-Net buildings with dedicated and symmetrical Internet connectivity. Cronus’s unique delivery method in our On-Net Buildings allows us to pass our tremendous savings in equipment costs to our customers, allowing your business to experience FASTER THAN FIBER Business Internet at spectacular savings.

For customers not in On-Net buildings, Cronus’s Single Tenant Internet Solution provides primary and back-up dedicated internet access as a faster and less expensive alternative to fiber. Cronus provides Off-Net business internet service to thousands of companies in the Detroit market, allowing customers to experience dedicated and symmetrical business-class Internet service with guaranteed 99.99% uptime.