Advanced Network

Cronus has the most stable and reliable network in Detroit.

Rock Solid Reliability

We pride ourselves in our relentless pursuit of Multi Fail-overs

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor all our customers to make sure everything is working at all times.

Multi Carrier Network

Multiple Teir 1 providers are built into the Cronus Network

Detroit Owned

Owned and Operated in Downtown Detroit. We are one of the only locally owned ISP's in downtown Detroit.

Employing Local Talent

We are proud to hire local talent that lives in the city of Detroit.

Free Internet to the Masses

We are launching our free Wifi initiative which will bring free Wifi service to the streets of Downtown Detroit.

… Because you know how much your business depends on your Internet connection!

Your business internet service should be fast and it needs to be consistent. Give your business the desired edge with Cronus’ high speed, most reliable internet service in Detroit – all powered by 24/7 local support.

We offer high speed, business quality internet connections that are symmetrical, and committed, with a choice of speeds from 2Mb to 1Gb.

We specialize in wireless Ethernet connectivity for always on internet for cloud and mission critical applications delivering a 100% always on internet service.

What's really unique about our services is that we independently own our network and this gives us total control over the quality, reliability and security of our service delivery to our business customers.


Features of Cronus’ Business Internet services

We are the most reliable, high speed business internet provider in Detroit

We offer speeds that DSL can’t match

We offer internet solutions and packages tailored to your business requirement

Speed easily scalable from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps

We out business internet you get super fast downloads and uploads

Data services powered by 24/7 support and online solutions

Consistency in speed regardless of your location

Security over privately owned and managed network

Backup and recovery for cloud content

It’s the speed that matters

You can pick up speeds that range from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps


Attain peace of mind knowing we maintain, manage and monitor our network 24x7

Static IPs

You can improve your business internet connection by having static IP address

Consistent unlike DSL & Coax

Irrespective of your location, you can get consistent speed to operate your business


As your bandwidth requirement increases, you can easily increase the speed of your internet


Get limitless connectivity for all employees, devices and guests in your office at affordable costs


Internet Troubles?

You're probably visiting this Website because you are looking for fast, reliable bandwidth in a Detroit building. Who would believe that getting serious bandwidth in your building would be such a hassle?

Well, it is a hassle and you're not alone. The problem is the phone company has lost touch with small and medium size businesses like yours. They're busy spending $ billions on a fiber TV network for residential consumers, leaving businesses to depend on their old crusty copper wiring. Don't expect the situation to improve anytime soon.

Average Uptime Per Carrier

  • Cronus Communications

  • Comcast

  • ATT


The Solution.

Change your Provider.

Owned and Operated in Downtown Detroit. We are one of the only locally owned ISP's in downtown Detroit.

Disaster Plan

Deploy a backup circuit to prevent any unnecessary downages.