Multi Dwelling Units

Even if your business is not located in one of our many On-Net buildings, Cronus Tenant Internet Solution is available.

Cronus Single Tenant Internet Solution delivers truly independent and truly redundant Dedicated Internet Access to small, medium and enterprise businesses within our coverage areas. Our Single Tenant Internet Solution consists of broadband levels ranging from 1.5×1.5 Mb to 1×1 Gb.

• Guaranteed 99.99% Reliability
• Scalable Connections
• Truly Redundant
• Symmetrical Speeds
• Fast & Simple Installation

All of our Dedicated Internet Access connections perform with fully dedicated symmetrical bandwidth and are backed by our industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA). Utilizing Cronus broadband packages is a very cost-effective solution for businesses that require high levels of bandwidth and faster speeds. In comparison to other high-speed Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Cronus's state-of-the-art Dedicated Internet Access is easily scalable so businesses can increase their broadband bandwidth capabilities based on their company’s growing needs, as needed, with just one phone call.