Internet Solutions

Fiber Internet Service

Fiber infrastructure is growing rapidly, not only in Michigan but across the country. Cronus works with many last mile providers to deliver fiber bandwidth services to customers from speeds as low as 3 Mbps to over 10 Gbps. Fiber is a reliable bandwidth service with a high service level agreement and typically deployed with five-nines reliability.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Cronus provides fixed wireless bandwidth in most of south eastern Michigan. Unlike fiber, wireless can deployed rapidly, sometimes within 48 hours, and is not susceptible to breaks or cuts. At times, wireless is a more cost-effective delivery method of bandwidth than fiber but still holds the same high level service agreement.

Voice & Hosted PBX

With hosted cloud technology, you can make calls on any device with an internet connection. Imagine getting a phone call on your office phone then seamlessly transferring it to your mobile phone while you head to a client meeting. You can take your business phone number, chat and voicemail anywhere with our smartphone app. Our hosted PBX phone systems are tailored to fit modern business needs like speed, mobility, and reliability. With them, you can increase your productivity and work from anywhere so you can get back to business.


Connect geographically dispersed locations through this robust, high-performance WAN solution using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). If your business is like most today, you don’t have the time, staff, or in-house expertise to effectively manage your network. You depend on network vendors to provide a reliable solution and expect them to resolve services issues quickly and effectively. Cronus MPLS Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solution offers the peace-of-mind and confidence you want with a secure, managed enterprise-class network backed by a solid SLA.

Network Cabling Solutions


At Cronus we know you have a choice of computer service and solutions providers to choose from and we know that you, quite rightly, want to know what it is that makes us different. So why should you choose to partner with us? We understand that modern businesses - of any size - need more than just a “computer guy”. Your organization needs, and deserves, a technology partner who will take the time to understand your business and your goals and implement solutions that let you increase productivity and your bottom line. And that’s us.

Network (CAT5E / CAT6)

Before you start any cabling project, understanding the variables and estimating effort can help you understand the budget and time frame for the project. INC can help identify the issues surrounding your installation including any special tools or equipment that will be necessary for your project. Help control costs with a site survey from Cronus.


Quality fiber optic cable products are only part of the story. With Cronus you are hiring a team of highly experienced engineers who carefully analyze each customer’s application, then customize products to best fit those needs. Cronus resources are available for on-site training and installation oversight to ensure your cable functions reliably for many years to come.

Managed Solutions

Managed I.T.

When you're spending way too much time dealing with IT issues... When you need to leverage your IT systems to increase employee productivity & efficiency... Or when you need IT solutions tailored to your needs, budget & goals...

Wifi Systems

Cronus can make guest onboarding simple, seamless and secure. Let guests use social media, loyalty program credentials or any other means you prefer to log onto your Wi-Fi. Provide future access after the first log-on automatically, without users having to do anything. And do it all through a self-service portal that’s branded for your property and protects every connection with the gold standard in Wi-Fi security.

Colocation | Data Centers

Customized Colocation Solutions for Michigan Businesses Cronus owns and operates 2 world-class facilities in Michigan offering power protected, climate controlled server colocation space with matchless network connectivity, continuous uptime and a full menu of outbound/inbound connection options.

Virtual Solutions

Off Site Backup

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Cloud Storage

Cronus provides high performance, highly available storage that makes it easy to scale and maintain cost-effective mobile and Internet-based apps that run fast. With Cronus, you can add any amount of content and access it from anywhere, so you can deploy applications faster and reach more customers.

Hosted Services

You can host your entire static website on Cronus for a low-cost, highly available hosting solution that can scale automatically to meet traffic demands. With Cronus, you can reliably serve your traffic and handle unexpected peaks without worrying about scaling your infrastructure.

Mobile Marketing

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Software & Programming

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Creative & Production

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